I participated in Central Michigan University's CREATE! Hackathon in which I made this game in 24 hours. During this time, I made Jumpguy, a platformer using raycasts from each corner of the player's sprite, which ended up controlling a lot like Super Meat Boy, one of my all-time favorites.

Since the jam is now over, and I already presented my game to the participants, I decided to give out copies of the game. Attached are downloads for a build for Windows 64 bit, and Mac 86x. 

X-Box controller support is available, but tutorials for it are not in-game, although there are only two buttons to figure out (hint: it's A to jump, Y to reset, left stick to move). 


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yo i made a paid game called JumpGuy

For a meatboy clone, it's alright. I think just touching the end goal should take you to the next level, instead of having to press a button.